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"We don't dream alone" at Art Central 20.5 - 23.5.2021

Contemporary Crafts Centre presents

"We don't dream alone"

Booth #2

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

20.5 - 23.5.2021


Giant Year Gallery, which is dedicated to contemporary ceramic arts, joins forces with Gallery by SOIL, which specialized in contemporary lacquer art, to present a show of three female artists utilising various traditional media to create artworks in the contemporary realm. Solan Chiu turned her ceramic practice away from utility to focus on the aesthetic and artistic value of ceramic wares. Nina Pryde incorporates western materials and media in her ink paintings to create works that are more modern and closer to her understanding of art. Sakurako Matsushima creates sizable abstract sculptures with urushi, or Japanese lacquer, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and bringing this millennium-old medium into the modern era. These three female artists inject new energy into these traditional media while attempting to advance their practices and keep traditions alive.

Featured artists

Solan Chiu - Ceramics

Nina Pryde - Ink Painting

Sakurako Matsushima - Lacquer Art

View artworks from here


Kafka, 2020


33 x 26 x 10 cm

Ink, colour and collage on rice paper (Rice Paper Album) 38 x 620 cm

Natural lacquer, hemp cloth, bamboo, gold powder, gold foil, inlays of shells

78 x 53 x 5 cm


Art Central VIP guests are invited to preview the Fair on 19.5.2021, and will receive priority access throughout the public dates, 20.5 -23.5.2021


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