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The Beauty of Geometry Bamboo Art by Hajime NAKATOMI 17.4 - 16.5.2021 幾何之美 中臣一 竹藝個展

Presented by The Gallery by SOIL

Curated by wamono art

A solo exhibition of Hajime Nakatomi.

VIP Viewing Session


2pm - 3pm

Free of charge

Register here:

The Gallery by SOIL and wamono art are pleased to announce “The Beauty of Geometry – Bamboo Art by Hajime Nakatomi” exhibition from 17 April to 16 May 2021. We will hold a physical exhibition at our gallery in Hong Kong. As a bamboo artist in Japan, Nakatomi flings himself into creating new bamboo art regardless of traditional technique and form.

"The calculation of parameters is the basis of his work and passion at the same time. In his world of numbers he finds the beauty of geometry and symmetry, the elegance of simple circles, triangles, squares, ellipses and figure-eights. Repeated many times, pure geometry can also take on organic forms, comparable to a macroscopic view of microscopic structures inherent in nature." (Craftland Japan, Uwe Röttgen and Katharina Zettl, 2020)

Nakatomi's work was exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 2006. Thereafter, he continuously exhibited his works at museums and galleries in New York, London, and Paris. Moreover, he created art works for The Ritz Carlton Kyoto and Tokyo, Fukuoka Airport, and Osaka International Airport. His works can be found in the permanent collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and the Hove Museum in East Sussex, among others.

The Beauty of Geometry - Bamboo Art by Hajime Nakatomi

The Gallery by SOIL

Shop H, Hollywood Building

186 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

17.4 - 16.5.2021

12:30pm - 7pm, Tuesday-Sunday

Mon by appointment

The bamboo artworks by Nakatomi contain three series.


The Frill Series features organic curves and continuous forms.

Frill III

Bamboo(Madake), rattan

H45cm x W55cm x D45cm

2021, Japan

Frill, space

Bamboo(Madake), Urushi lacquer, rattan

H33cm x W40.5cm x D26cm

2019, Japan


The Hachihogu Series connects the figure 8-shaped to convey good wishes.

Prism Square ll-03

Bamboo(Madake), Urushi lacquer, rattan

H41.5cm x W40cm x D25cm

2020, Japan

Prism Ellipse

Bamboo(Madake), Urushi lacquer, rattan

H30cm x W43cm x D20cm

2021, Japan


The Hachihogu Series connects the figure 8-shaped to convey good wishes.

Hachihogu, jump

Bamboo(Madake), Urushi lacquer, rattan

H48cm x W36cm x D5cm

2020, Japan

Bamboo(Madake), Urushi lacquer, rattan

H23.5cm x W44cm x D28.5cm

2020, Japan


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