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Shingo MURAMOTO Lacquer Art Solo Exhibition 24.3 - 23.4.2023

Curated and presented by The Gallery by SOIL

In collaboration with Sokyo Gallery



Shingo Muramoto is a Japanese artist born in Ishikawa in 1970, who currently lives and works in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. He earned his MFA from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1997. While lacquer works are typically solid, Muramoto seeks to create light forms conveying fluidity and movement. He has developed a technique of stretching fabric over bowed twigs to achieve this. Muramoto is also fascinated by the coexistence of nature, such as the relationship between insects and plants. He believes that each material used in his work is important and that the forms evolve from their relationship. For example, the bowed twigs create movement, the fabric stretched over them creates a curved surface, and the lacquer coating finalizes the forms. His goal is to create exciting forms through the relationships between these three components. Muramoto has been recognized for his work, receiving the 2017 Craft Association President's Award at the 73rd Kanazawa Craft Exhibition and the 2018 Hokkoku Shimbun President's Award at the 74th Kanazawa Craft Exhibition in Ishikawa. The most recent one was the Jurors' Special Prize - Nagatoshi OHNISHI Prize, The Ishikawa International Urushi Exhibition 2020, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. His artworks are in the permanent collection of prestigious museums such as Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA., Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA., Design Centre Ishikawa, Japan., Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Japan., Mishima Tisha Shrine, Shizuoka, Japan., Donghu Shan Art Museum, Wuhan, China., Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.




村本真吾對自然界中的共生關係非常感興趣,例如昆蟲與植物之間的關係。這使他想起了每種材料在他的作品中發揮的重要性。每種形態的形成都是從不同材料之間的關係演變而來的,例如彎曲的樹枝會表現出生動的型態 ;以織物在樹枝上拉伸形成弧度;再在表面塗上清漆,最終定型。這是他的目標:「從三種物料之間的關係來製作出有趣的形式。」





Natural lacquer, bamboo, linen, Japanese paper, nylon fabric, gold leaf and charcoal powder

H430mm x W400mm x D170mm



Natural lacquer, bamboo, linen, Japanese paper, nylon fabric and charcoal powder

H470mm x W370mm x D280mm



Natural lacquer, bamboo, linen, Japanese paper, nylon fabric and charcoal powder

H410mm x W530mm x D320mm




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