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Not in Distant Mountains Ceramic art by Chris LO Sze Lim 6 - 22.5.2022

Curated and presented by Contemporary Crafts Centre

Contemporary Crafts Centre is proud to present the solo exhibition of Chris LO Sze Lim titled “Not in Distant Mountains”.

Artist Statement

I have already lived over half of my life. Now that I’m here and reflecting on my life, I am starting to understand that unsettling feeling within me. I have a great desire to roam freely, at the same time, seek solitude, to feel like I never belonged anywhere. I feel so fortunate to be here for three years. I can now breathe the air of freedom, giving me enough time to reflect on my thoughts.

Staying away from the city, I now enjoy a slow-paced life. However, the thoughts have dawned on me that I should have appreciated the little things in my life and have not valued them highly enough. The close contacts we have with those we love, the luxury of being able to daydream. The enriched quality of a kind of existence that is possible when we are not running our lives against a ticking clock. I seem to find peace in a frantic world. Yet, in many ways, it has been idyllic.

My life is filled with paradoxes. At times I feel entangled in grief. We’re the masters of our destiny, but we can’t be on top of everything. So my “ritual pottery” means lots of meditation and implementing little moments of spiritual reflection; whenever and wherever I can to help me silence the noise and find a quiet space to reflect on what comes next. It is a dialogue of my spiritual self, nature and clay.

Exploring nature, navigating the stillness and listening to the magic whispers of the mountains has become my norm. Sometimes a quick and cordial greeting from fellow hikers will make you feel warm. A deep sense of joy and freedom follows.

Overlooking from the Formosa Strait, I wish you courage and strength.





偶然出遊,鄉郊問路,都以大自然地標引路:前行見大石右轉,遇見什麼什麼樹大回轉之類的︔在 Google 失序的地域,城市人的邏輯用不上在山水之間,有趣是山林中人都有自己一份私人地圖,記錄着呼吸的空氣和月影晨光,陌生的土地,親切的交談,路途上變得有溫度︒


願你歸來仍少年, 地平線上再遇見︒

Chris LO Sze Lim 羅士亷


Contemporary Crafts Centre

A gallery space dedicated to presenting handcrafted art creations, empowered by Giant Year and SOIL in Hong Kong.

We feature contemporary craft-based artists whose work embraces the increasingly blurred boundaries between art, craft and design.


Shop H, G/F Hollywood Building

186 Hollywood Road (Entrance at Upper Station Street)

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

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Off on Monday and public holidays

Enquiry: 2217 9288 / 9559 3908


Not in Distant Mountains I

在山不遠 I

Chris LO Sze Lim

H320mm x W460mm x D450mm



Sea Horizon II

海平線 II

Chris LO Sze Lim

H570mm x W180mm x D140mm



Not in Distant Mountains II

在山不遠 II

Chris LO Sze Lim

H440mm x W450mm x D400mm



Sea Horizon IV

海平線 IV

Chris LO Sze Lim

H530mm x W100mm x D100mm



Special thanks: Ho Hin-Shing Studio Workshop

鳴謝: 顯華花道教室何顯成先生

Videos courtesy of Mr Lee Chuen Tak




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