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LAYERS Ceramic Art by Barbara RAIMONDO 21.8 – 12.9.2021


Ceramic Art by Barbara RAIMONDO

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Visit the Exhibition at

Contemporary Crafts Centre

Shop H, Hollywood Building

186 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

21.8 – 12.9.2021

12nn - 6pm, Tue - Sun

Mon by appointment



“The terraces, the red soil, and white waves crashing the coast at their bottom are embedded in my soul and deeply influence my work.”

I spent my childhood between layers…, layers of soil, the terraces, where my grandpa used to cultivate olive trees and vineyards, and layers of history defined by my home town, founded in the 4th century BC. Layers of memories, layers of sentiments, layers of life, one on top of the other are infused in my pieces.

I have always had an urge to work with my hands, I guess because my grandpa was a farmer and I have seen him doing great things with his manual work. I see my hands as a powerful tool to shape the clay in raw forms and inspired by my roots and by the beauty left by the history of the places where I grew up. When I design a piece I seek for harmony, simplicity and elegance.

I love the naked clay as it is as real and live as my land and it amplifies the design of my work, providing viewer with the purest essence of my being. The apparent perfection of my pieces leaves room to simple imperfections upon a closer view. Imperfections, on the other hand, create opportunities for imagination and allow the eyes to fall into the path of hesitation. A sort of paradox between perception and reality through which I wish to express incongruities and to attempt to reconcile seemingly opposing sensations.






Barbara RAIMONDO was born and grew up in a small region in Italy, Liguria, a half moon of land set between the Mediterranean sea and the beautiful Appenino Ligure mountains. Barbara obtained her first degree in Economics and Banking Science at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan in 1996. Following her passion for arts and design, she pursued her study in photography obtaining her Master from Instituto Europeo del Design, Communication and Visual Art department, in 2008.

Barbara had been working in the financial sector since her time in Italy. In 2015, she moved to Asia. After a few years in Singapore, she has now settled herself in Hong Kong. In 2019, Barbara decided to dedicate herself to her passion of becoming a full time ceramist. She has exhibited in various cities, such as London and Milan.

Barbara RAIMONDO 於意大利西北部的利古里亞出生和成長,利古里亞的地理呈半月形坐落在地中海和美麗的利古雷亞平寧山脈之間。她於1996年在米蘭的天主教聖心大學取得經濟和銀行學學位,但她依然熱愛藝術和設計,於2008年在歐洲設計學院的傳意及視覺藝術系再進修攝影並獲碩士學位。

在意大利期間 Barbara一直從事金融行業,自2015年她移居到亞洲,並曾在新加坡生活多年後定居於香港。在 2019年 Barbara 決定成為全職的陶藝工作者,並曾在不同的城市例如倫敦和米蘭展出作品。


Limited edition artworks available for sale at the exhibition


Fasce n.4

Stoneware with grog in white

H10cm x W21.5cm

2020, Hong Kong

Frantoio (3 pieces)



2020, Hong Kong

Torre (Tower)

White stoneware

H28.7cm x W7cm x D5cm

2021, Hong Kong


White stoneware

H19 cm x W10.5cm

2020, Hong Kong

Incongruent (Fire)

Canvas used to wedge the clay

Burnt canvas, Underglaze black pencil and Ink

H96cm x W75cm

2021, Hong Kong

“I see similarities between the place where I grew up and Hong Kong; a city by the sea with multiple layers. Here my inspiration is fed daily and remains vivid. “



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