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Eternal Flame Sculptural objects by Joe LI 16.12.2021 – 9.1.2022

Eternal Flame

Sculptural objects by Joe LI

Visit the Exhibition at

Contemporary Crafts Centre

Shop H, Hollywood Building

186 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

16.12.2021 – 9.1.2022

12nn - 6pm, Tue - Sun

Mon by appointment


Guided Viewing by the Artist 展覽導賞

The artist Joe LI will be meeting participants in person to introduce his metal craft and creative journey at this special viewing session.


This is a Free-of-Charge event. 費用全免

Time: 18.12.2021 (Saturday) 2:30-4pm

Venue: Contemporary Crafts Centre

Language: Cantonese (Supplemented in English) 廣東話進行


Joe LI

”I love integrating my thinking about life into my sculptures. Many of the works are our life experiences, as well as the things that happened in society. Everyone's experience is unique as we grow. Every piece of work tells a unique story.”



Joe LI specialises in jewellery design and sculptural objects. He enjoys experimenting with metal and mixed media in his creations. After completing his Art Specialist Course (Sculpture) at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, he has become a full-time sculpture artist since 2011 and started his studio named “HK Carbon.” Currently, he is the Vice-Chairman of We Sculptors and Board Member of Hong Kong Sculpture in Hong Kong. Between 2012 and 2020, he was an instructor teaching at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.

Private collectors and prestigious hotels collect LI's works. He actively participated in various exhibitions. The major recent ones include the ”[Dialogue]-Sculpture Exhibition” held at JCCAC in 2016, the ”Ten Inches Sculpture Exhibition” organised by Hong Kong Sculpture in 2018, and art fairs, namely Art Central and Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong. He was invited to create large-scale public art, such as the Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium 2012, where his works were exhibited in Quarry Bay Waterfront Park; and he was commissioned by the Hong Kong Housing Authority to create a giant mosaic mural in the Central Square of Shek Kip Mei Estate.

Joe LI is good at constructing lifelike works such as figures, flowers, trees, huts, etc., with copper wires, expressing his thoughts about the world from his works, and hopes to reflect on the meaning of life through this work.

雕塑家李紹忠早期從事首飾設計製作,後來在視覺藝術中心修讀雕塑專修課程,於 2012年自設工作室「HK Carbon」,全職投入雕塑藝術創作。 他亦兼任雕塑型社副主席以及香港雕塑會委員,在2012年至2020年期間於香港視覺藝術中心雕塑專修班擔任焊接導師。

他的作品受私人及酒店收藏 ,並曾於多個藝術展展出,包括2016年在JCCAC舉行的 「[語] - 雕塑展」、2018年由香港雕塑會主辦的「拾方寸雕塑展」、2021年的Affordable Art Fair等。他曾參與數個大型公共藝術項目,例如2012 年香港國際雕塑創作營,其作品在鰂魚涌海濱公園展出;又曾獲香港房屋委員會委約,於石硤尾邨中央廣場創作巨型馬賽克壁畫。



Limited edition artworks available for sale at the exhibition


Dance of Life “ series

「 共舞 」系列

“ “Dancing of Life“ is like my thirst for life. I hope to relieve stress and in a pleasant setting we dance like a butterfly, do what I like, and live happily. “


Dance of Life 1

Copper, alloy, tree leaves, branches

H69cm x W32cm x D23cm

2021, Hong Kong


“ Destiny “ series

「 緣份 」系列

“ The concept of the "Destiny" series is derived from my childhood game “Drawing Ghost Feet “. People from different positions, seemingly are disjoint from each other, and each has an own path. They eventuality meet as we go forward with courage and a shared vision. “

「「緣份」系列的創作概念源自兒時遊戲「畫鬼腳」。在縱橫交錯的立體空間裹,不同人在不同位置,看似互不交集,各走各路,永遠不知道前路會遇見什麼人和事。但人與人之間的緣份無比奇妙,只要帶着勇氣向前走,緣份到來,最終都能夠碰面。 」

Destiny 3

Copper, alloy

H29cm x W36.8cm x D1.6cm

2021, Hong Kong


“ Childhood “ series

「 童年夢想 」系列

“ In my childhood, I always longed for a place to hide myself, dreaming of a tree house where I belonged. I realised my “childhood dream “through sculptures, which means that everyone can enjoy a space where they can be independent and mindful. “

「童年時總渴望有一個把自己藏起來的地方,夢想著有自己屬於的一間樹屋。我把我的「童年夢想」透過雕塑作品實現出來,並寓意每人都能有一個自己獨立、心靈放鬆的空間。 」

Childhood 2

Copper, alloy

H54cm x W29cm x D22cm 

2021, Hong Kong


Dream the Possible Dream series

「 目標 」系列

“ The goal seems to be out of reach, but it is the driving force for the advancement of life. I believe that as long as you hold your ideals, seize every opportunity, and work hard step by step, you will always reach the end. “


Dream the Possible Dream 1

Copper, alloy

H60cm x W7.5cm x D5cm

2021, Hong Kong

“ I learned about metal craft and such as moulds, sanding tools, metal materials, wood, and various techniques; and these will enable me to create sculptural objects as I develop the concepts. I enjoy playing with materials and in the process I discover unlimited possibilities. “



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